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This increases to 94% for disabled people and 97% for non-disabled people among the more affluent in this age group. However, for older (65+) less affluent disabled people, internet access levels are at their lowest (23%) which is significantly lower than among non-disabled people of the same age and socio-economic group (37%). Across all age groups, internet ownership is 55% for disabled consumers, compared with 83% for non-disabled consumers. This can partly be explained by their older profile as half of disabled people are aged 65+. The report also shows that mobile phone access is broadly comparable between disabled and non-disabled adults across most age groups. Ninety-two per cent of disabled people aged 15-34 have a mobile phone compared to 87% among non-disabled adults in this age group. Two-thirds of disabled people aged 75+ have a mobile phone but this is lower than among non-disabled people of the same age (72%). Variations by disability There are also variations by type of disability. Internet access is highest among people with hearing (64%) and visual impairments (62%) but lowest among people with mobility impairments (53%) or multiple impairments (51%). Of all disability groups, people with mobility or multiple impairments are the oldest, most likely to live alone, and have a lower household income. The majority of disabled internet users are using the internet daily or more often (73%), although this is lower than non-disabled internet users (85%). People with a visual impairment go online most frequently, with 81% of internet users accessing the internet at least once a day.

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Friday, Sept. 27, 2013 “Being Maci” To Air in United Kingdom! By Dan Clarendon Courtesy WetPaint.com Living in the good ol’ U-S-of-A has its fair share of perks, but first on the list? Having access to all of MTV’s brand spankin’ new shows, including Maci Bookout ‘s recent catch-up special, Being Maci! This former Teen Mom is a huge fan-favorite, and her posse of followers got a chance to see what she’s been up to during the hour-long show. Tragically, Maci’s friends across the pond (aka in the United Kingdom) haven’t been able to touch base with this feisty ginger until now! Being Maci is officially coming to MTV UK, and the British blokes couldn’t be more thrilled! Not only will they get a chance to check in on Maci as she balances being the world’s best mom with partying up a storm, they’ll get to see how much her relationship with Ryan Edwards has developed. These former lovebirds used to loathe each other with the passion of a thousands gingers, but times have definitely changed and they could barely keep their hands off each other during Being Maci! As far as we know, this one-off special is only being shown in the UK for now but it’s only a matter of time before Maci Bookout and her adorable son take over Europe, and after that, it’s just a mere matter of days until world domination. Who knows, if Being Maci does as well in the Motherland as it did in the US, Maci could be looking at her very own series! Be there, or be square.

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You will always find enchanting landscapes, infused in history and always a welcome sign for foreigners who are moving to the country for the first time. The United Kingdom is the greatest in numbers as far as the migrant capacity is concerned. This has also had an impact on permanent residency figures with stricter guidelines and rules coming in to force over the last couple of years. Tests and Interviews and the general awareness have become a part of the routine to test what a migrant can bring and contribute to this country. The statistics in 2009 demonstrate that there has been a steady influx of visitors to the UK, up by 5% the previous year. UK Culture: If you are thinking about emigrating to the United Kingdom, you will have to know about their culture and their living in detail. The UK Common-wealth has many of the old British empires which is a kind of association to help the countries with trading and financial relations. The United Kingdom is also a leading Juggernaut when it comes to Music, Theatre and movies. The English language is perhaps the best reflection of the strengths of the British Empire, with English becoming the most popular language in the world and the lingua franca in business. You will find few countries in the world that match the depth and breadth of multi-cultural groupings present in the UK. While predominantly white British, there are also large numbers of Indian, Pakistani, Caribbean, Asian and Chinese who have also brought their own unique culture to the UK. The British culture has also traveled around the world, with over 7 million UK nationals now living in countries spanning the globe. Employment in the United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has dominated economy when it comes to textiles, metals and consumer industries.

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