Why Ios 7 Gets Music Playing Wrong

Quincy Jones Helps Dubai’s Music Scene Find a Groove

Music can also make a good dining experience better. Enter John Huggins, owner of Shenandoah Pizza in downtown Staunton. Huggins has made it his mission to blend good music with pizza and a great ambience and provide rising stars a venue. With musical performances spiking in downtown, Huggins understands that its only growing and todays local talent needs a place to showcase their craft. So he is more than happy to open his doors to budding musicians in the Valley. Ive never seen musicians so busy now-a-days, said the pizza entrepenuer, who is also a musical promoter with Shenandoah Concerts. People are more hooked now than ever. Huggins said when he first started only two or three places hosted live evening musicians. Now, there are about six to seven venues along downtown. Patrick Berrang is one musician who appreciates being able to have a place to play. Berrang, a Waynesboro native, said there are more places to perform and larger crowds in Staunton than in the River City. Its something hed like to see change. The guitar player said he usually performs acoustically, leaning more toward blues, folk and soft rock. He said he has been influenced by music that has come before and influenced by music coming out now.

Music in tune downtown for Staunton

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While the song played, the device would display the cover of the album to which it belonged. Depending on a users level of engagement with his or her music library, playlists were either a time-saving option or a time-wasting nuisance. The iOS 7 music player is a departure. The same options arrayed along the bottom, more or less: Playlists, Artists, Albums. Apple Radio has been promoted to one of the default spots on the main screen, and the Songs button has been relegated to the More menu (though, as always, the experience can be customized). But the way that the Artist menu works has been changed drastically. For starters, each artist is now summarized: the iPhone tells you how many albums and how many songs you have loaded up for each artist. The Auteurs: three albums, twenty-five songs. Bobby Byrd: seven albums, forty-eight songs. The Bop Chords: two albums, two songs. These inventories offer the same information as the desktop version of iTunes, and while it makes sense thereits your full collectionit makes less sense on the phone. Still, artist-specific tables of contents dont hurt anyone. What does hurt everyone is what the new iOS has done with album art. In the old days, the first-level Artist menus were text only, lists of names that could fit about eight per screen.

I see potential in this country and the Middle East, explains Mr. Jones, whose company Global Gumbo Group is organising Dubai Music Week. I have done this for 65 years and developed all over the world. I just love to help young people do music. Global Gumbo Group is a joint venture between Mr. Jones and Badr Jafar, the Emirati social entrepreneur and managing director of Crescent Petroleum. Both partners have invested capital in the business, according to Mr. Jafar, and have signed an agreement with the Dubai government to bring Dubai Music Week to the emirate for five years, as well as two other festivals called Dubai Rocks and Dubai Classics, which will launch early next year. Siedah Garrett singing I Just Cant Stop Loving You at Dubai Music Week, hosted by Quincy Jones A project such as Dubai Music Week does have tremendous potential for social impact and has the potential to be profitable in the long term, says Mr. Jafar, who booked Will.i.am, Timbaland and Selena Gomez for the main concerts this year, but plans to book more niche, lesser well-known acts for Dubai Rocks and Dubai Classics. The move to offer bands or acts that have not necessarily shot to global stardom yet is a fairly new trend in Dubai, as expats and citizens have generally been viewed as having less sophisticated musical palates than other markets. Yes, many acts with blockbuster appeal have been booked in the past year Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Katy Perry and Alicia Keys but promoters are also signing smaller bands that have a more niche appeal, such as The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men, who are supporting The Killers at the Sandance festival. When it comes to acts that are less commercial in their pull, then festivals work better, explains Thomas Ovesen, chief operating officer at Done Events, the promoter that booked The Lumineers for a new festival it is organising in February called RedFest DXB, in conjunction with Virgin Radio Dubai. Mr. Ovesen hopes to sign up more smaller acts and sell 20,000 tickets at 250 U.A.E.